Florida woman found with meth in bra says it came from yard sale


PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. – A Florida woman claims to have scored meth by simply buying a bra at a yard sale.

TCPalm.com reports Christina Sarao was stopped by a police officer on April 28 when the deputy noticed she wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

Sarao, who claimed her name was Holly Smith, said her license was inside the home where she had parked her truck, which she said belonged to her grandmother.

But instead of going inside the home to retrieve the license, Sarao started running, while yelling "I have to poop and I'm pregnant!"

The deputy was able to catch Sarao where she was found with methamphetamine and a pipe in her bra.

Sarao said she bought the meth from a yard sale down the road.

To her credit, Sarao admitted that the home did not belong to her grandmother and she was not pregnant.

Sarao was arrested on numerous charges, including driving with a suspended license and possession of meth.