Dozens show up to rally in support of pro-Democracy movement in Venezuela

Solidarity rally continues at Jose Marti Park on Saturday

LITTLE HAVANA, Fla. – Dozens in South Florida who have been disturbed with what's going on in Venezuela turned their concern into action on Saturday in Miami's Little Havana.

Venezuela Tricolor, an organization of Venezuelan-American political activists, organized the solidarity rally from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Jose Marti Park. 

Venezuelan pro-Democracy protesters have been risking their lives during daily demonstrations in Caracas and other part of the country since April. 

The clashes between protesters and supporters of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro are happening as families endure soaring crime, food shortages and a medical system in crisis. 

Cubans in Miami-Dade know plenty about repressive regimes and the consequences of a socialist revolution. Some were waving their Cuban flags at the park to commemorate the independence of Cuba from Spain.

Miami police officers in the area were prepared for the crowd to grown.