Atlanta woman arrested in counterfeit credit card scheme at Nordstrom in Aventura

Traquana Darden found with 7 other counterfeit credit cards, police say


AVENTURA, Fla. – An Atlanta woman was arrested Saturday after she used a fraudulent credit card to rack up more than $34,000 worth of charges from Nordstrom at the Aventura Mall during a two-day shopping spree, police said.

Traquana Darden, 26, faces multiple charges, including organized scheme to defraud and credit card fraud.

According to an Aventura police report, Darden bought more than $23,000 worth of merchandise from Nordstrom last Thursday using a counterfeit MasterCard. Police said the magnetic strip on the back had been tampered with so that the charges went to a Nordstrom credit card account holder.

Police said Darden returned the next day and again used the counterfeit credit card to purchase more than $11,000 worth of merchandise that was charged to another customer's Nordstrom credit card.

Darden's return visit didn't go as well for her, though, as she was stopped by security while walking out of the upscale department store.

Police said they found seven other counterfeit credit cards in Darden's possession.

According to the report, Darden told police she was going to be paid $600 by a man named "Carlos" for purchasing the items with the phony credit card.