Woman gives away 100 sleeping bags to homeless in Fort Lauderdale

Mishana Willoughby hopes others follow her lead


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A Broward County woman distributed about 100 sleeping bags to homeless men and women Monday near the Stranahan Park area.

Mishana Willoughby said she decided to give away the bags after she spoke to different homeless shelters and was advised that there was a major demand was for blankets.

"So I thought of the idea of a travel sleeping bag that can be used both in warm or cold time, giving the homeless something comfortable to lay on at night," she said. "We still need people to know that we care as many of these homeless had homes at some point in their lives."

That  "could have been any one of us."

Willoughby said she hopes others will follow her lead and helps those in need.