Trump's 'better deal' with Cuba may be coming within a month

Trump promised changes to Obama policy

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – President Donald Trump's campaign promise to get a "better deal" in the U.S.-Cuba relationship is said to be coming within a month.  

Despite promises made on during his campaign, new intelligence suggests Trump will not undo two years worth of openings and engagements, which were started by President Barack Obama. 

"What they want to be seen as doing is being muscular, being flexible," said John Kavulich, president of the New York-based US-Cuba Trade & Economic Council via Skype.

Kavulich said  Trump’s policy on Cuba will likely include a crackdown on unsanctioned travel to Cuba by tourists hoping to skirt the people-to-people mandate and 12 sanctioned categories of travelers under the Obama plan.

Those mandates allows U.S. businesses to directly engage with Cuban entrepreneurs and place a ban on U.S. companies engaging with Cuban-military controlled companies, though in Cuba,  that comprises almost all sectors.

Kavulich acknowledged Trump will look for concessions from President Raul Castro's government, which, so far, has not been a mandate of the Obama plan.  

He also doubts the president will close or scale back embassy operations.  

"Since Jan. 20, there has been no directive from President Trump to the State Department to back away from any direct engagement," he said.  

The three Cuban-American lawmakers advising President Trump on Cuba, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Florida Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart and New Jersey senator Bob Menendez, had no information on a pending policy announcement.


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