South Florida man steals ex-girlfriend's keys, breaks into home, kills dog, police say

Felipe Osorio Aravena arrested on multiple charges

Felipe Osorio Aravena was arrested on multiple charges, including burglary, grand theft auto and animal cruelty.

PLANTATION, Fla. – A North Miami Beach man was arrested Saturday after he stole his ex-girlfriend's car, drove to her home, killed her dog and chased her son out of the house, police said.

Felipe Osorio Aravena, 32, faces multiple charges, including burglary, grand theft auto and animal cruelty.

According to a Plantation police report, Osorio Aravena was at the Plantation Inn with his ex-girlfriend when he grabbed her cellphone out of her hand and threw it into the swimming pool. As she tried to get her phone, Osorio Aravena went into her purse, took her keys and stole her car.

Police said Osorio Aravena drove to her house, broke in and used a kitchen knife to stab the family dog to death.

The woman's son, who was inside the house at the time, told police that he heard the dog yelping, came out of his room to see what was wrong and saw Osorio Aravena standing over the dog. He said Osorio Aravena chased him out of the house, and neighbors called 911.

Osorio Aravena was taken into custody in the 400 block of North Flamingo Road. Police said he had a large amount of blood on his clothes.

Police said Osorio Aravena confessed to stealing his ex-girlfriend's car, entering her home through an unlocked sliding door and killing the dog. Police said Osorio Aravena admitted that he killed the dog for barking at him.