Man ticketed twice for speeding within minutes in Florida Keys

Steven Kubas arrested for reckless driving

KEY LARGO, Fla. – A man was busted twice for speeding within minutes in the Florida Keys on Wednesday night.

Steven Kubas was first clocked going 81 miles per hour in a 45 mile per hour zone near mile marker 104 in a white Chevrolet Corvette. Despite angrily denying he was speeding, Kubas was issued a citation by a Monroe County Sheriff's Deputy.

Upon receiving his ticket, Kubas sped out of the parking lot and cut off an oncoming motorcycle.

The deputy followed Kubas and measured him going even faster at 115 miles per hour in the same 45 mile per hour zone.

Kubas, from Houston, Texas, was pulled over again just minutes later at mile marker 102. Kubas claimed he was speeding because he was angry about receiving the previous ticket.

After being told about cutting off another motorcycle, Kubas was arrested and charged with reckless driving.

Deputies found marijuana, drug paraphernalia and a 9mm handgun in the Corvette.