Lengthy trial begins for 3 men charged in 2006 fatal shooting of BSO deputy

Brian Tephford killed during traffic stop in Tamarac

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Opening statements began Tuesday in the murder trial of three men accused of killing a Broward Sheriff's Office deputy more than a decade ago.

Eloyn Ingraham, 28, Bernard Forbes, 31, and Andre Delancy, 29, are on trial in the 2006 shooting death of Deputy Brian Tephford.

A Broward County judge dismissed potential jurors and alternates who raised issues with the length of the trial, which is expected to last between three and six months.

Broward County State Attorney Michael Satz is personally handling the prosecution in the Tephford murder trial.

Jurors heard opening arguments from Satz and one defense attorney before going home for the day.

"Eloyn Ingraham, Andre Delancy and Bernard Forbes caused the death -- the murder -- of Deputy Brian Tephford," Satz said. 

Tephford, a six-year BSO veteran and father of three, was 34 years old when he was fatally shot during a traffic stop outside an apartment complex in Tamarac. A second deputy, Corey Carbocci, was also shot, but he survived.

"Forbes and Delancy sneak up on the two deputies and open fire," Satz told the jury. "They fire two 40-caliber semi-automatic handguns. Deputy Tephford is shot twice." 

The defense attorney who spoke Tuesday told jurors that a phone call the state claims to tie Delancy to Ingraham in the car that was pulled over wasn't made by Delancy. The attorney said a weapon that was found on his client was never fired that night. 

Jurors are expected to hear from the other defense attorneys on Wednesday and from witnesses on Thursday. 

The judge said there won't be any testimony on Mondays, and trial will conclude early on Fridays. The judge has cleared his calendar through September for the trial.

All three defendants face the death penalty if they are convicted.