Southwest Ranches' residents worry about flooding

System of canals, automated pumps deal with heavy rains

SOUTH WEST RANCHES, Fla. – A brake from the rain would help out on Wednesday, but it takes much more than that to get these rising waters in Southwest Ranches back on track.

Broward County Water Control's Kevin Hart, a district manager, said his region alone saw more than 12.6 inches of rainfall in just two days.

"We are pumping water off Griffin Road," Hart said. 

Pumps are working extra hard to push that water out. Mother Nature is not the only one working against their efforts. With rising water comes an increase of vegetation and debris that could pose a problem for the pumps.

"These trash racks collect the debris," Hart said.  

As the lake rises well above normal, there have been a lot of concerned residents. But Hart said they shouldn't worry.  The lakes are designed to provide flood protection and the pumps are automated so once water levels reach a certain level the pump kicks in.

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