Report: Florida man shot dead after answering Facebook ad for dog


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jacksonville police are investigating the death of a man who was shot and killed after responding to a Facebook ad for a free dog.

WJAX reports Scott Bowman was killed in his home June 7 by a man who insisted he come over to turn over the dog.

The man posted to Facebook that a dog had jumped into the cab of his truck at a job site and he was looking to find it a home.

Jacksonville police have not yet identified the man.

Chelsea Bowman, Scott's ex-wife, says he told the man they would pick up the dog, but the man continued to insist that he drop it off.

Chelsea says she and Scott were going to soon remarry.

When the man arrived at the home, Bowman and Chelsea invited him into their home for a drink. However, after several hints that it was time to go, the man refused to leave.

When Scott returned from the bathroom, the man allegedly began to beat him. The man then reportedly shot Scott in the arm and then the chest.

Chelsea Bowman says their daughter Kinley was shouting, "You shot my dad! You shot my dad!"

The man was detained by police at the scene and taken in for questioning.

Jacksonville police say their investigation is ongoing.