VIDEO: Massive rat caught dragging trash across sidewalk

NEW YORK – They say everything's bigger and better in New York.

It may be time to rethink the "better" part.

Leigh Connor was walking through Brooklyn last week when she was startled to see a trash bag moving across the sidewalk.

Seconds later, Connor was shocked to her senses when she saw the cause of the movement.

A giant rat was pulling the bag all by itself.

"After standing there for a minute with my jaw dropped, I realized I had to film it," Conner told WABC. "It was funny, because I had a conversation about pizza rat just the night before, making it an especially strange sighting."

Connor said after the rat reached a certain point, it could no longer drag the bag, so it grabbed what looks like a slice of pizza and dives into a hole in the ground.

Hey, you take what you can get.