Thieves caught on camera stealing credit card, taking Lyft to escape

Card owner says he's happy theft captured on camera

MIAMI – A pair of thieves was caught on camera Tuesday stealing a package off a man's porch.

The pair was dropped off in a dark-colored sedan, and once the scene was clear, one of the men walked to the front door and grabbed a UPS package that contained Erik Weisenseel's new American Express credit card.

They then jumped into another vehicle, a dark-colored SUV, and drove off.

It turns out that the vehicles used in the thefts were Lyft rides. 

Within minutes, the credit card was activated.

"There was about 10 charges rang up on the card, everywhere from 7-Eleven, liquor stores and gas stations," Weisenseel said.

The thieves also linked the card to a Lyft account.

"Yeah, so I'm assuming it's there Lyft, which is pretty (expletive) stupid," Weisenseel said.

Weisenseel called his credit card company and got all of the fraudulent charges cleared.

He said he's now putting more surveillance cameras around his house, hoping that they will deter this from happening again.

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