Fort Lauderdale police search for missing 15-year-old girl

Sophie Reeder last seen May 19 leaving home

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Fort Lauderdale police are searching for a 15-year-old girl who was reported missing.

Authorities said Sophie Reeder was last seen at 10 p.m. May 19, walking away from her home at 1308 Citrus Isle.

"She's the most beautiful girl in the world to me and I really just want to see her home," Sophie's father, Patrick Reeder, said. 

Police said law enforcement officials canvassed the area but have not been able to find her. They said her social media accounts and cellphone records show no activity since she walked off, and police have exhausted all of their leads.

"It's been long enough with no social media, no contact from the phone. It worries me. I'm concerned," the girl's mother, Nicole Twist, said. 

Twist has brought in private investigators to help with the search.

With extensive law enforcement backgrounds, they believe there's more to this case than just a typical runaway, and that Sophie might be involved in some sort of human trafficking.

"I'm hoping for the best, but as every day goes by, I have doubt that this is going to end in a positive ending," John Rode, of Payton Investigations, said.

Either way, Sophie's family said the last month has been emotional torture and they just want her home safely.

"She has so many people working to bring her back," Twist said. "She's missed, she's loved and there's nothing that she's done that would change the fact that I love her with all of my heart."

"I just want to talk to her, say 'I love you' again, so if anybody (knows anything) please reach out and help," Reeder said.

Police said Sophie suffers from undiagnosed depression and anxiety. 

They said she is known to frequent the area near Stranahan High School.

Authorities said Sophie is 5 feet, 1 inches tall, weighs 100 pounds and has brown curly hair, brown eyes and a thin build. She was last seen wearing a black shirt and black shorts.

Anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to call Detective Jennifer Saint-Jean at 954-828-5570. 

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