2 hotel employees slashed with knife on Ocean Drive, police say

Delunte Burch, 33, of Texas, arrested Sunday night

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Two people were injured Sunday night outside a hotel in Miami Beach, authorities said.

The incident was reported outside the Columbus restaurant at the Colony Hotel in the 700 block of Ocean Drive.

According to an arrest report, Delunte Burch, 33, of Spring, Texas, was sitting next door outside the Boulevard Hotel, at a table with two other men, when he began to try to touch women and talk to them as they passed by.

Police said Burch, who appeared to be drunk, was pushed and cursed at by one of the women.

A witness told authorities that Burch then stood up and walked over to the Columbus restaurant, where he began to pick a fight with waiters.

Police said Burch pushed one waiter, who told him that he didn't want any problems and that Burch should leave the establishment.


Police said Burch continued to push the waiter, so the waiter pushed him back.

Burch then swung at the victim with a knife, cutting him on the left side of his abdomen, authorities said.

According to the arrest report, three witnesses who work at the hotel intervened and pushed Burch into the street.

Police said Burch swung at them with the knife, cutting one of the victims on the left forearm.

The two other witnesses pushed Burch to the ground and held him there until officers arrived, the report said.

Police said the victim who suffered a deep cut on his forearm was taken by paramedics to Mount Sinai Medical Center.

"They had the ambulance come and get him right away," Dejha Smith, who was visiting from Ohio, said. "He got stabbed in his forearm. They said you could see the bone. We seen all the commotion and we were like, 'Oh, what's that?'"

The other victim, who was cut on the abdomen, was treated at the scene. 

Authorities said Burch sustained an injury to his left eye during the altercation with hotel employees and was also taken to Mount Sinai Medical Center. 

He was later taken to jail on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, resisting an officer without violence and disorderly conduct at an establishment. 


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