Snapchat video shows Florida teens using Taser gun on kitten

Teens can be heard laughing on video; deputies investigating

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – Deputies near Jacksonville are searching for two teenagers who posted a video of themselves stunning a kitten with a Taser gun.

The video was posted to Snapchat.

It shows one of the boys using the Taser gun to stun the kitten and then laughing as the cat runs away.

Someone sent the video to Nassau County Animal Services last week, and people in the community have come forward to identify the boys.

Now, the Nassau County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

"To see an animal, you know, who's harmless and, you know, has not done anything, you know, be treated that way, it's just cruel," Nassau County Commissioner Justin Taylor told WJAX in Jacksonville.

Deputies have been driving around the neighborhood where the video was believed to have been recorded, trying to find the boys and the kitten.

The boys could face animal cruelty charges.