Florida Supreme Court warns of phone, email scam asking victims to appear in court

Officials said that you should not give out any sensitive information


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Florida Supreme Court has a warning to anyone who might be contacted by phone or email scammers.

Court officials said that the scammers are targeting the elderly, healthcare workers and relatives who recently died, saying that they need to appear before a judge or pay money.

The scam includes emails to healthcare workers telling them that they have a healthcare service violation, and a phone scheme targeting Spanish speakers, telling them they must pay money or wire transfers to avoid being charged with kidnapping, child pornography or human trafficking.

The third scam targets those who have lost loved ones, claiming they owe money to the loved one's estate.

Finally, a nationwide scam falsely claims a person must pay a fine for missing jury duty.

Officials said you will be informed in person or by regular-delivery mail of anything related to jury duty.

Additionally, officials said that you should not give out any sensitive personal information and instead report the incident to the Florida Attorney General's Office.

Also, do not open any links or attachments in the emails, as they may contain computer viruses or programs that can pose the possibility for identity theft.

Officials said that you can forward any emails to the Florida Supreme Court at supremecourt@flcourts.org.