Warning issued over possibly eye-damaging fake eclipse glasses


MIAMI – A warning has been issued to alert eclipse watchers over fake eclipse glasses that can possibly lead to extensive eye damage.

As excitement arises over the August 21 solar event, the market has been saturated with fake glasses that claim to be safe to view the eclipse.

However, many of the glasses do not meet correct standards and can cause severe damage if people look at the sun without the proper ultraviolet protection.

What's worse, many companies producing the phony glasses are using the logo of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to appear to be legitimate. 

Amazon was found selling fake eclipse glasses, according to Quartz.

The American Astronomical Society (AAS) reports companies are also displaying fake test results to support bogus claims of compliance.

According to the AAS, to guarantee the use of safe eclipse glasses,consumers should make sure their filters can be found on the LIST OF REPUTABLE VENDORS.

Glasses should also be less than three years of age and not have scratched lenses.