Iguana clogs toilet in Medley warehouse

Man finds iguana in drain pipe after toilet clog persists

MEDLEY, Fla. – Toilet clogs are usually an easy fix. A plunger or Drano often does the trick.

But Oscar Tabares faced a situation that was a bit more complicated than that when he discovered an iguana was the cause of the clog in a bathroom toilet.

Tabares told Local 10 News that he was using the bathroom in his family's Medley warehouse last Wednesday when he noticed that the toilet wasn't flushing very well and there was water leaking from under the bowl.

First, he used a plunger to try to unclog the toilet, to no avail. When the problem persisted, Tabares enlisted the help of his family to remove the toilet.

Tabares said when he looked down the drain pipe, he saw the head of an iguana peering up at him.

Oscar Tabares saw this iguana staring at him from a toilet drain pipe.

Cellphone video that Tabares sent to Local 10 News showed his uncle removing the iguana from the drain using a long strand of rope tied to a piece of wood.

Tabares said his uncle walked the iguana as if it was a pet on a leash and safely released the large lizard behind the warehouse.