Corrections officer accused of attacking colleague at Everglades Correctional Institution

Florida Department of Corrections 'taking action' to fire officer

MIAMI – A Florida Department of Corrections officer was arrested Wednesday on accusations that he attacked a fellow corrections officer.

The incident was reported Wednesday at the Everglades Correctional Institution at 1601 SW 187th Ave. in Miami. 

According to an arrest report, the victim was performing her regular duties as a state correctional officer in the Charlie Dorm of the facility when she was confronted by probationary state corrections Officer Wilson Robau-Rodriguez.

Police said a verbal argument ensued and Robau-Rodriguez, 27, walked away.

The officer then approached the victim from behind and began another argument, authorities said.

The arrest report stated that the victim asked Robau-Rodriguez to back away from her, but Robau-Rodriguez shined a flashlight in the woman's face while they were within inches of each other.

Police said the victim tried to move Robau-Rodriguez to create space between them and Robau-Rodriguez punched the officer in the right side of her face.

Police said he then held the officer down on the ground and kicked her multiple times.

The officer suffered a swollen eye, bloody nose and multiple bruises on her forearms.

A source told Local 10 News that inmates at the all-male facility screamed and banged on their cell windows to try to get help for the female officer during the alleged attack. 

Authorities said the officer was able to get on her feet and called for help via a landline.

Several other corrections officers separated the two and called police, the arrest report said.

Detectives said Robau-Rodriguez confessed to hitting the officer in the face to "redirect her away from him."

He was arrested on a charge of battery on a corrections officer.

"The actions of this officer were not only unlawful but totally unacceptable, and the Department has zero tolerance for this behavior," Florida Department of Corrections spokeswoman Ashley Cook said in an email to Local 10 News. "Following the incident, staff immediately notified law enforcement and he has been arrested by the Miami-Dade PD. The Department is taking action to terminate his employment." 

The victim was taken to Kendall Regional Medical Center to be treated for her injuries and has since been released. 

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