Doctor urges safety while watching Great American Eclipse

'You need this protection,' ophthalmologist says of NASA-certified glasses

MIRAMAR, Fla. – The Great American Eclipse is just one week away, and a local ophthalmologist wants to make sure you and your family watch it safely.

Dr. Roberto Warman, the director of ophthalmology at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, is giving all his patients the proper NASA-certified protective glasses, along with a stern warning.

"It doesn't work with binoculars or a telescope or with your phone," Warman said. "You need this protection."

On Aug.  21, millions of people will look to the sky as the moon crosses the sun.

In South Florida, we will see a partial solar eclipse. If parents want their children to view it, they must get the proper viewing glasses with the ISO seal, proving it's NASA certified with the proper protective filter.

The glasses must be in perfect condition, with no creases or scratches, and when used, it must cover both eyes perfectly.

"Every child that looks has to be supervised," Warman said. "And if they look, they have to have this protection."

Warman's stern message to his patients seems to be getting through.
"I think it's very exciting to watch, and I know it can damage your eyes, so I have to be prepared," sixth-grader Mallory Williams said.
"I think it's cool but scary," fourth-grader Grace Williams said.

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