Events reinvigorate battle to change controversial Hollywood street signs

Street signs named after Confederate generals

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – The chain of events that happened over the weekend in Charlottesville are reinvigorating the battle to change controversial street signs in Hollywood.

Some residents have written letters, urging commissioners to change the street signs immediately while several residents are trying to preserve the signs.

The controversial street signs bear the names of Confederate generals (John Bell) Hood, (Nathan Bedford) Forrest and (Robert E.) Lee.

The protests in Charlottesville were sparked by the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue.

"Making changes like this will be a positive step forward," Carmella Gardner, who lives on Forrest Street, said. 

Carlos Valnera, with the Black Lives Matter Alliance of Broward, went to the streets in question, picking up letters from people who are urging the city to quickly change the street signs because they say they are symbols of racism.

"We're hoping the city finally decides to do what is right -- standing with the people of Hollywood and change these symbols," Valnera said. "The symbols can be in your private property, it can be in the history books. We should learn from them, but they should not be on public grounds."

Meanwhile, there are some residents who believe the street signs should stay in place.

Signs with messages, such as "Save our streets," line the 3300 block of Lee Street.

"Anytime someone wants to change a street name and do away with our history, it's just absolutely wrong. They can learn from it," John Jacobs, who lives on Lee Street, said.

"I'm sure it will be a difficulty for some citizens. We're trying to make greater changes here," Gardner said. 

The street names will be up for discussion on the Aug. 30 commission meeting in Hollywood. Commissioners could hold a vote that day to either keep or remove the controversial street signs.

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