Retired police officer accused of stalking, harassing officer who arrested him

Dennis Moore, 57, arrested in May on battery charge


CORAL GABLES, Fla. – A retired police officer was arrested Thursday for stalking and harassing a Coral Gables police officer who arrested him in May, authorities said.

Dennis Moore, 57, was originally arrested May 8 on a battery charge for allegedly headbutting a woman who rented a cottage in the back of his ex-girlfriend's home. 

According to an arrest report, Moore went to the Coral Gables police station on Thursday and asked to speak with the officer who arrested him.

The officer inside the lobby told Moore that the other officer was not on duty at that time. Police said Moore refused to tell the officer on duty why he wanted to speak with the other officer.

Police said he returned later in the afternoon and once again requested to speak with the officer who had arrested him.

This time, the officer was at the police station and went to the lobby to speak with Moore. Authorities said she was accompanied by another officer.

According to the arrest report, Moore requested that he speak to the officer alone, but his request was denied.

Police said he pointed his finger in the face of the officer and shouted at her: "You said everything would be OK, and it's not OK. You know what you saw. You're going to pay."

The officer told Moore that she couldn't discuss the case and advised him to speak to his attorney. 

Police said Moore put his hand in his pocket, and the officer, knowing that Moore had knowledge of police tactics and weapons and had a violent history, ordered him to remove his hand from his pocket.

Authorities said Moore removed his hand, but put it back inside his pocket. The officer, once again, ordered him to remove his hand from his pocket.

Moore then snatched his hand from his pocket, as if drawing a weapon, but pulled out a white cellphone charger, the report stated.

A sergeant then entered the lobby and ordered Moore to leave the building.

Police said Moore was spotted on the north side of the building, concealing himself in an indentation in the building about six feet from the officer's patrol car.

Moore was arrested.

A National Crime Information Center and Florida Crime Information Center check of Moore revealed an active alert message advising of a previous statement he made in March 2016 of his intent to commit harm to police, authorities said.

Police said Moore repeatedly told officers, "I'll be out tomorrow," as he was taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

Moore faces charges of stalking and harassing a victim.

According to an arrest report from earlier this year, Moore went to his ex-girlfriend's house on May 8 and she ordered him to leave because she had a protection order against him.

Police said a woman who rents a cottage in the back of the ex-girlfriend's home was outside during the altercation and said that Moore eventually directed his attention to her.

Authorities said Moore made a "slitting the throat" motion with his hand and told the woman, "You're dead," multiple times.

The woman told officers that she was scared because she knew that Moore was known to carry weapons and had a history of violence against his ex-girlfriend.  

Police said the woman told Moore to "back off" and he headbutted her before leaving in his black Mercedes Benz. 

Moore was pulled over by police and arrested on charges of battery, assault and violating a court order.

It's unclear what police department Moore retired from.  

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