Weston doctor sentenced to 64 months in prison for trying to perform sex act on woman

Jerry Ciocon, 62, placed on house arrest until appeal is heard

WESTON, Fla. – A Weston doctor convicted of sexual battery on a 19-year-old woman was sentenced Friday to 64 months in prison followed by five months probation. 

Dr. Jerry Ciocon, 62, was ordered to be placed on house arrest with an ankle monitor until his appeal is heard, which could be anywhere from one to two years.

Ciocon was convicted by a jury in June after prosecutors said he tried to perform a sex act on a woman during a house call.

According to the Sun Sentinel, the woman called Ciocon to come to her home Aug. 3, 2014, because he was a family friend and she had a vaginal cyst that needed to be removed.

Authorities said Ciocon and the victim went into her bedroom so Ciocon could remove the cyst, but the woman claimed that the doctor started to molest her after she removed her clothes.

The woman said she ordered Ciocon to stop and he did.

"This was a person that was a physician, a family friend, a trusted person that the victim really needed at the moment to treat her medically, and he took advantage of her. He committed a crime of opportunity," assistant state attorney Patyl Oflazian said. "She called him because she knew him, she trusted him and he had treated her before. He knew that she was in a medical dire circumstance." 

Ciocon's attorney previously claimed that his client "misread her body language," and thought that she had become "sexually aroused."

"This young woman did not consent," Oflazian said. "She did not want this to happen. She did not ask for this to happen." 

Ciocon faced up to 15 years in prison.

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