Worker rescued from Sunny Isles Beach construction site after accident

Crane used to lower worker to ground


SUNNY ISLES BEACH, Fla. – A worker who was injured in a Sunny Isles Beach construction accident Tuesday morning had to be rescued and lowered to the ground.

The accident was reported Tuesday morning at a beachfront construction project for the Ritz-Carlton Residences on Collins Avenue.

Sky 10 was above the construction accident as Miami-Dade Fire Rescue crews helped to raise the injured worker out of an opening on the top of the not-yet-finished building.

A crane was used to lift the worker out of the opening and lower him to the ground, with a firefighter clinging onto the rescue basket.

The worker was carried into the back of a waiting ambulance and taken to Aventura Hospital and Medical Center. He appeared to be conscious throughout.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue officials said the worker was in good condition, but had to be lowered to the ground because he couldn't walk and there are no stairs or elevators in the building yet.