Business owner accused of molesting employee at marina in Davie

Police: Omar Zioui, 55, claims employee was lying because he planned to fire her


DAVIE, Fla. – A South Florida business owner was arrested Tuesday, nearly three months after being accused of molesting an employee at a marina in Davie.

Police said the incident happened June 3 at a marina at 3201 State Road 84.

According to an arrest report, Omar Zioui, 55, who owns Florida Security Protection, placed his finger inside a security guard's vagina against her will and exposed his penis to her. 

The victim told detectives that Zioui had been "a little touchy" with her during their encounters by touching her face or shoulders and by hugging her. 

The woman told police that she told her boss that it made her uncomfortable, but he continued touching her.

She said she was in front of the security booth at the entrance of the marina June 3 and Zioui began rubbing her shoulders and arms and then rubbed her thigh and her back on top of her clothing.

The victim said while Zioui was touching her he said, "I'm going to help you. I will get you more hours."

Police said Zioui then told the victim that he had something to show her and asked that she follow him.

The victim said he led her to a restroom inside the garage area where boats are fixed, removed his pants and exposed his penis to her.

She said he masturbated in front of her and then pulled down her pants and touched her vagina. 

The victim told police that she told Zioui, "No," and he told her to lower her voice.

Police said Zioui ejaculated and some semen got on the victim's pants and shoe. 

She said she didn't immediately contact police because she was afraid that she would lose her job.

Police said the victim contacted authorities after speaking to relatives about the incident.

Detectives said Zioui denied the accusations and said that he has never had sexual contact with the security guard.

Zioui claimed that the employee made up the accusations, because he told her he would have to fire her if she did not learn to swim, the arrest report said.

Police said Zioui voluntarily gave a DNA swab. A DNA swab was also taken from the victim's shoe, which determined that Zioui's DNA was the source of the semen on the victim's shoe, authorities said.

Zinoui was arrested on a sexual battery charge. 

Zinoui's case is being reviewed by the Broward State Attorney's Office, which will decide whether to prosecute the case.

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