Halloween display prompts 911 call

Decor meant as joke for Halloween party

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A Tennessee community was so spooked by a neighbor's Halloween display that it prompted a 911 call and a visit to the house from first responders.

According to local news station WJHL, the caller, Johnny Riddle, told dispatchers he thought he was looking at a dead body in his neighbor's driveway.

"There's a guy laying in his driveway, with two big bloody hand prints on the side of the house. It looks like he was dead I don't know I didn't stop I just came on to work."

Authorities arrived to Joseph Lovergine's home to find clothing stuffed with paper, and "blood" made from hair gel and food coloring.

Lovergine explained to officers that the decoration was meant to be a joke for his upcoming Halloween party.

"I was actually going to dress up under there after everyone's seated for so long and when they come out to get drinks or something I was going to pop up out of the garage door and scare everybody," said Lovergine. "I thought it looked so real and so fun and I hope people don't take offense."

The Greene County Sheriff's Office posted an alert to the public on its Facebook page, asking neighbors not to call police and to congratulate Lovergine on a great display.