Man accused of attacking Miami Beach police officers after getting busted with drugs

Accomplice yells 'f*** the police,' as crowd begins to form, police say

From left: Junior Savoir, 36, and Jairo Medina, 26.

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Two men are facing charges after they allegedly attacked two Miami Beach police officers who questioned them Wednesday after smelling a strong odor of marijuana near them.

According to an arrest report, Jairo Medina, 26, and Junior Savoir, 36, were sitting on the sea wall in the 800 block of Lummus Park when the officers approached them.

Police said no one else was sitting near them on the sea wall.

One officer asked the men whether they had any marijuana on them and Savoir said, "Yeah, I got some weed in my pocket here," the report said.

Police said Savoir became agitated and stood up suddenly while reaching into his pocket.

The officers said they ordered him to sit back down and not reach in his pockets.

Police said Savoir continued his nervous behavior and became increasingly talkative and would not stop moving his hands.

Authorities said one of the officers ordered Savoir to stand up, turn around and place his hands behind his back so the officer could detain him.

Police said the suspect tensed his arms and would not allow the officers to put his hands behind his back.

Police said he then violently pulled away from the officers and tried to run away.

One of the officers grabbed Savoir by the shirt sleeve, but it ripped and the officer lost his grasp, the report said.

Police said Savoir stumbled backward, lost his balance and fell on his back, allowing the officers to restrain him.

While on the ground, the officers said Savoir struck one of the officers in the head with his elbow, causing the officer to suffer a gash that bled.

Authorities said the other officer put Savoir in a headlock and punched him in the face multiple times as Savoir continued to struggle with him.

Police said the officers deployed their Taser at one point, but Savoir continued to fight them. 

Savoir was eventually taken into custody.

According to the arrest report, Medina walked up behind the officers during the struggle and shouted, "F*** the police," along with other profanities.

Authorities said his behavior caused a crowd to gather around the area as the officers were still attempting to place Savoir in handcuffs.

Police said Medina refused to obey any of the officers' commands.

The arrest report stated that the officers found drugs in Savoir's possession, including six individually packaged bags of cocaine, one bag of rock cocaine, three bags of marijuana and another bag containing four pills of Adderall. 

Authorities said the officer who suffered the gash to the forehead also suffered an elbow injury and complained of pain to both knees.

Savoir was arrested on charges of battery on a police officer, possession of a controlled substance, possession of cannabis, possession of cocaine with the intent to sell and resisting an officer with violence.

Medina faces charges of disorderly conduct and resisting an officer without violence. 




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