Interactive map shows Puerto Rico damage by neighborhood

MIAMI – Since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico a week ago, families off the island have been waiting nervously for word of the health and well-being of their loved ones.

A new interactive map produced by NOAA allows anyone to check specific neighborhoods in Puerto Rico for damage caused by the storm.

WTVT reports the photographs used in the map were taken by planes flying over the island between Sept. 22 and Sept. 26.

CLICK HERE: NOAA Interactive Damage Map from Puerto Rico

Only photos of areas on the Puerto Rican coast are currently available.

Puerto Ricans have been struggling to survive since Maria hit last week. The distribution of needed supplies has been slow and the lack of power remains a serious issue.

FEMA officials said Thursday that a million meals and 2 million liters of fresh water had been distributed in Puerto Rico and 2 million more meals and 2 million more liters of water were on the way. There were conflicting figures: A day earlier, FEMA said it had distributed 167,000 meals and 539,000 bottles of water.

The death toll currently stands at 16. Authorities have not released information about the number of people injured during and after the hurricane. Hospitals in Puerto Rico have been struggling to treat patients. Some don't have enough medication while others have a shortage of fuel for generators.