Uber driver says he was mistakenly shot at by Coral Gables police officer

Bullet misses driver, hits back of GMC Yukon

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – An Uber driver told Local 10 News that he was recently shot at by a Coral Gables police officer for no good reason.

Carlos Amaro, 68, said he was heading home after his Uber shift at about midnight on a Saturday.

He said he was stopped at a red light when he suddenly saw police lights behind him. 

"When the light changes, I proceeded to go. The next thing I know, I've got flashing lights behind me. I say, 'OK, I haven't done nothing, so let me pull over,' and that's when I got shot, as I was pulling over," Amaro said.  

Amaro said a Coral Gables police officer fired at him without warning.

"No command, nothing," he said. 

Amaro said the bullet missed him, but hit the back of his black GMC Yukon.

Photos show the bullet holes left behind after the bullet passed through the third- and second-row seats.

Amaro said he immediately complied with a 5-minute pat-down and was told he could go.

"I had asked them, 'Why did you shoot at me? Didn't you hear that sound?' And they denied it," Amaro said. "Luckily, when he handed me the papers for me to go, there was a sergeant there, and the sergeant went after me (and said), 'No, you can't go because one of the officer's gun went off.'"

Amaro has since hired an attorney. 

"You don't shoot first and ask questions later," attorney Eli Stiers said. 

Amaro's attorney is now demanding justice for his client. 

"Either this was an unintentional firing, in which case the officers were acting inappropriately by even pointing a weapon at this gentleman's car for a traffic stop, or the weapon was pointed maliciously," Stiers said. 

The incident has left Amaro with a different outlook on life.

"Now I know it's true that it could happen to anyone," he said.

Officials with the Coral Gables Police Department said they will not comment on the incident while the investigation is ongoing.