PBSO lieutenant's son accused of stealing father's car, robbing ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend

Christopher Combs arrested in Broward County


POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – The son of a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office lieutenant was arrested Saturday in Broward County, accused of stealing his father's unmarked car to terrorize his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend.

Christopher Combs, 22, faces charges of false imprisonment and impersonating a law enforcement officer.

According to an arrest warrant, Combs was driving his father's PBSO-issued Ford Taurus when he turned on the car's emergency lights and pulled over his ex-girlfriend, Jamie DiCarlo, and her boyfriend, Robert Roberts, early Saturday near Pompano Beach. The driver of the car ordered Roberts out of his pickup truck.

DiCarlo told Broward Sheriff's Office deputies that she immediately recognized the voice on the car's intercom as Combs. She said Combs ordered Roberts to get on the ground and empty his pockets, at one point hearing Combs laughing over the intercom.

According to the warrant, Combs got out of the car and placed "what appeared to be a metal object to the back of Mr. Roberts' head, before stealing his property."

DiCarlo said she was also ordered out of the car and onto the ground before Combs drove away. DiCarlo told deputies that she dated Combs, who is a PBSO cadet, for about five years and recently broke up with him. She said Combs' father "drives the same exact style Ford Taurus unmarked police car."

When deputies questioned Combs' father, he told them that his son had the car, which was parked at a friend's house. He said his son told him that it "had not moved all day."

Deputies went to where the car was parked and noticed that it "was still hot to the touch as if it was recently driven."

Combs admitted that he was in possession of the car at the time of the robbery, but he denied ever driving it that day.