Sunrise man secretly records girlfriend's daughter naked at home, police say

Matthew Bordeaux faces 2 counts of video voyeurism

Matthew Bordeaux is accused of secretly recording his girlfriend's daughter naked in their home.
Matthew Bordeaux is accused of secretly recording his girlfriend's daughter naked in their home.

SUNRISE, Fla. – A Sunrise man was arrested Sunday after he secretly recorded his live-in girlfriend's daughter naked in her bathroom, police said.

Matthew Bordeaux, 48, faces two counts of video voyeurism. According to an arrest affidavit, the daughter of Bordeaux's girlfriend told Sunrise police that she found naked videos of herself on the family computer at home.

The daughter told police that she thought Bordeaux had been acting strangely and suspected he was having an affair, so she thought she would catch him by searching the computer. She said each person at the home has their own profile and his was unlocked, so she looked through a folder marked "hidden" and found the naked videos.

One video showed the daughter undressing in her bedroom and another showed her getting out of the shower in her bathroom, Detective Kari Norwood wrote in the affidavit.

The daughter told police that Bordeaux had given her the wall socket with a hidden camera in it when they moved into the home at the beginning of the year. She said Bordeaux told her he didn't want to leave it with the new owners of their old home in Coral Springs because it was too expensive.

Norwood wrote that the camera contained a memory card that "would require the defendant to remove the camera in order to transfer the files to his computer, and then reinstall the camera afterwards."

The daughter signed a consent form allowing detectives to search through more than 2,500 photo and video files on the computer. During the transfer of files, the daughter told police that she recognized a few videos from their house in Coral Springs. She said she never gave Bordeaux permission to install a camera in her bedroom or bathroom.