Customers line up for cinnamon rolls as Knaus Berry Farm reopens for season

HOMESTEAD, Fla. – For decades, Knaus Berry Farm has kicked off fall in South Florida by opening up shop, and on Tuesday, scores of people waited in line for hours just to get inside.

"How many businesses can close for six months and really, without any advertisement, open up and people are there waiting for you?" Thomas Blocher, of Knaus Berry Farm, said. 

Lines wrapped around the corner on Tuesday, the first day Knaus Berry farm re-opened for the season.

"It's worth the cinnamon rolls, it's worth the bread, it's worth everything," customer Cindy Trujillo said. 

"It's cinnamon rolls. Of course it's worth it," another customer, Irina Rivera, said. "I'm going to take a couple just to make the trip even more worth it."

The farm closes its doors in April after strawberry season ends until it's time to fire up the bakery and welcome people back.

Every year, people line up on opening day, but not even the bakery's manager can tell you why their cinnamon rolls are so special.

"I'm glad that people enjoy it and it makes it fun to do something that people enjoy, but I can't tell you exactly why," Blocher said. 

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