6 Miami firefighters fired after hanging noose over black colleague's photo

MIAMI – The City of Miami has fired six firefighters after one of them, or a group, reportedly hung a noose over the family photo of a black colleague.

The firings come seven weeks after the photo was discovered inside Miami Fire Station No. 12 at 1455 Northwest 46th Street. On Sept. 9 the city was alerted to an incident involving "sexually explicit and racially offensive conduct."

The Miami Herald reports one of the firefighters made a noose out of twine and hung it over the photo. Lewd pictures were also drawn over the photos of the firefighters' wife, mother and children. 

Fire personnel from the station were moved to other locations, with 11 employees relieved of duty with pay at the start of the investigation.

Miami City Manager Daniel Alfonso said in a statement that the investigation will continue, delving into the participation of other employees at the station.

"We cannot and will not tolerate behavior that is disrespectful, hurtful and compromises the integrity of the department and the City of Miami," said Alfonso.