6 Miami firefighters fired over racist incident identified


MIAMI – The City of Miami has identified the six firefighters fired after they defaced the photos of a black co-worker by placing a noose over one picture and drawing lewd and racist items on others.

Miami Fire Chief Joseph Zahralban described the action as a "hideous, distasteful act of hate."

The six men were terminated Wednesday following an investigation after the photos were discovered inside Miami Fire Station No. 12 on Sept. 9.

The firefighters, which included a Captain and Lieutenant, were identified as William Bryson, Harold Santana, Alejandro Sese, Justin Rumbaugh, Kevin Meizoso and David Rivera.

"It is the policy of the Department of Fire Rescue to provide a workplace for all of our employees that is free from intimidation, threats or violent acts," said Zahralban in a statement. "Our department is a diverse organization rich in tradition and we hold Honor, Integrity and Respect for our fellow firefighters in the highest regard. These are expectations I place on myself, my staff and every individual under my command as we continue to stand ready to serve our community."

Photos show a male sex organ drawn on multiple photographs, including one with the noose hung over the front.

The investigation will continue as the department will look into the participation of other members who may have been involved.

The Miami International Association of Firefighters condemned the actions of those who were terminated.

"We expect all of our members to be provided a safe, comfortable workplace, and also to fair and complete investigations and just discipline when it's warranted," Union president Fred Delgado said.