Woman arrested after throwing nude photos of son's ex-girlfriend into school


LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A woman was arrested after she threw nude photos of her son's ex-girlfriend inside a school where the daughter of the ex attends.

Francis Bailey, 60 of Louisville was arrested Monday, weeks after the incident which occurred at Pleasure Ridge Park High School on Oct. 18.

According to to WDRB, Bailey entered the school without permission, trailing behind two students who had been cleared to enter.

Once inside the school, Bailey walked to a female bathroom and threw pictures of a nude woman on the floor, which were seen by underage students.

Surveillance video caught Bailey leaving the school and driving around the parking lot while tossing more of the nude photos on the grass.

The photos were found to be of the ex-girlfriend of Bailey's son. The ex-girlfriend's daughter attends the high school, although the girl did not see the photos.

Bailey's granddaughter is also a student at the school. After hearing her granddaughter was being questioned by school officials, Bailey returned to the school and was identified as the woman in the video.

Bailey told police she found the photos on her son's phone and her granddaughter denied having anything to do with the incident.

The ex-girlfriend had previously filed a criminal complaint against Bailey's son.