VIDEO: College party turns to terror after floor collapses

DENTON, Texas – A homecoming party at a Texas school turned into terror and chaos when the third floor at a student housing complex collapsed.

The part at the University of North Texas on Saturday night ended with a flood of calls into 9-1-1 reporting that the roof had collapsed.

"Everybody was screaming and in total shock they didn't know what do," said Day Oyenuga, the party's DJ.

Seven people were injured as Denton firefighters discovered partygoers on the third floor falling into their neighbors living room.

"I was actually surprised when I walked in and I feel a sink in the floor..when I was carrying in my DJ equipment in... and I was like..this doesn't seem right," Oyenuga said.

Carley Carroll, the downstairs neighbor, said it was no surprise the floor collapsed, saying parties have been going on for months and the floor just couldn't take it anymore

"Every weekend there's a different party..and you can see the ceiling obviously going down. And it's one of those things that you fear would happen, but you don't think it's actually going to happen," said Carroll.

Carroll says none of the items in her apartment can be saved after the collapse, adding the sprinkler system went off for two hours.

"Right now I have no home. And nothing. I have my phone and my keys..and that's about it."

Students who lived in the complex will be set up at a hotel.