How clean is the supermarket you shop in?

Violations found at several South Florida stores

MIAMI – Just like the restaurants in Local 10's exclusive Dirty Dining reports, supermarkets are inspected as well, and not every place is up to par.

The problem is, you'd never know.

Supermarkets are not ordered shut, and there are never any warnings posted on the door like the ones placed on restaurants that have the same problems.

No one at New Generation Food Market at 7910 NW 22nd Ave. in Miami would talk about their recent inspection.

According to a recent Department of Agriculture inspection, multiple rodent droppings were found throughout the floor, under a sink and under a produce prep table.

A stop-use order was issued for the back processing area of the store.

A man who works at the store told Local 10 News investigative reporter Jeff Weinsier that there must be a mistake, but there isn't.

The Florida Department of Agriculture inspects supermarkets and grocery stores and uses a "risk-based" approach to determine frequency.

Inspections are based on previous violations and  consumer complaints.

According to an inspection report, Super Saver Supermarket, at 2750 Davie Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale, had heavy rodent droppings and activity that were located throughout dry storage, as well as beverage storage.

There were also insects inside packages of pasta in the retail area, and old meat residue buildup was spotted on a meat saw.

A "stop use order" was issued for the back room and the meat saw.

"We had a meeting with our staff and we are making sure this doesn't happen again," assistant manager Abel Espinal said.

Espinal took Weinsier to the back area, where the rodent activity was found.

All items were removed from the room and the area was bleached down and repainted.

Holes in the wall were also patched.

In Miami, records show serious issues at Dolphin Food Market, as well.

Dolphin is located at 2352 NW 46th St.

According to an inspection, white slime was found in a package of ham, live roaches were spotted on a wall under a sandwich station and two dead mice were by a rear exit door.

The good news is that all the major chains fared well.

Click here to check out the most recent inspection from your grocery store.


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