Swiss village offers $70,000 for families to move there

(Associated Press)

ALBINEN, SWITZERLAND – Imagine being paid to live in a picturesque mountain village in Switzerland.

It's not a "Sound of Music" dream, it's reality as the town of Albinen in the Swiss Alps is offering up to $70,000 for families to move in.

According to USA Today, the village is suffering from a declining population and hopes the campaign will "bring life back to the village."

Albinen is looking to attract 10 families to move to the town over the next few years.

So far, officials have received almost 3,000 inquiries about the deal that seems too good to be true.

However, candidates must meet certain conditions, including being Swiss citizens younger than 45 and be willing to build a home that costs $200,000 or more.

Families that take up the offer will be paid $25,000 per adult and $10,000 for each child.

If a family moves to Albinen under terms of the deal, they will be required to live in the village for at least a decade, and will be forced to refund the money if they leave earlier.