Great white shark tracked off the coast of Florida Keys


ISLAMORADA, Fla. – A 12 foot great white shark has been tracked off the coast of the Florida Keys by a research group that studies the fascinating creatures of the deep.

After being off the radar since Nov. 15, Miss Costa started pinging off Tavernier on Sunday afternoon. The shark's tracker had last made contact off the coast of South Carolina.

Since first being tracked in the Keys over the weekend, Miss Costa has remained in the area, first traveling north before turning around and heading back south.

A year ago, Miss Costa made it as far south as Dry Tortugas National Park.

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OCEARCH is an organization that tags sharks in order to learn more about them and how they live. The group tracks dozens of sharks around the world and shares its data free with anyone who is interested.

Tagging a shark takes less than 15 minutes and does them no harm.

Weighing 1,668 pounds, Miss Costa was tagged off Nantucket on Sept. 23, 2016. Since then, she has traveled almost 5100 miles.