Key West couple tried to sell shrimp on Facebook, deputies say

Neither seller had proper licenses, deputies say

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KEY WEST, Fla. – A Key West couple are facing fines after deputies said they tried to sell five-pound bags of shrimp on Facebook without a license.

Monroe County Deputy Sheriff's Deputy Seth Hopp said he recently spotted posts on Facebook offering five-pound bags of shrimp for $40. Hopp checked with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and that found the sellers -- Lliecer Noa and his wife, Carolina Aviles -- did not have the proper licenses to sell saltwater products. The pair also did not have commercial fishing licenses, Hopp said.

The state regulates the sale of seafood in part for health and safety reasons.

Facebook offers a marketplace feature, where people often sell items such as second-hand electronics and furniture. Facebook Marketplace bans the sale of certain items like weapons and illegal drugs. However, Facebook website doesn't explicitly ban the sale of fresh seafood.

Hopp interviewed the couple and they said they bought 70 pounds of shrimp for $80 from "a guy riding bicycle on Stock Island." 

Noa and Aviles told Hopp that they had already sold $300 worth of shrimp and planned to return to Stock Island to buy more shrimp.

Noa and Aviles were both issued citations Saturday for not having a saltwater dealer license, Hopp said.