Sunrise resident scares off would-be burglar

Home security system captures encounter on video

SUNRISE, Fla. – A Sunrise resident thwarted a would-be burglar last week thanks to his home security system.

Michael Divietro was asleep Saturday night when a notification on his mobile phone woke him. His security system had detected movement outside so he quickly checked his camera feed.

His suburban community is separated from Interstate 75 by an 8-foot wall, and someone had scaled it.

"I looked at the video and I saw some guy," Divietro said. "He was jumping the wall, and he started going toward our vehicles."

Dressed in only the pair of shorts that he was sleeping in, Divietro ran out to confront the would-be prowler.

"I don't remember it, it happened so fast," Divietro said Tuesday.

Divietro said he yelled at man and told him that he was calling the police.

"After that I ran inside and told my wife to call the cops; by that time he was gone," Divietro said.

This would-be burglar is pretty spry. The video shows him jumping over the wall to escape and then returning to retrieve a bag and then jumping back over again.

Divietro posted the video of incident on Facebook. He warned his neighbors not be complacent and to lock all vehicle doors.

Divietro said this is the first time he's had an issue with crime since he started living in Sunrise. But he said he's glad he had the security system in place for this exact reason.

"Never trust any area," Divietro said. "Always be safe."

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