Bloodied knife, machete found at home of accused dog killer, detectives say

Abused pit bull found in suitcase Oct. 10 in Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – New images offer insight about what investigators found inside a Hollywood home, where a man accused of killing a pit bull lived. 

Various items were found with blood and animal fur on them, including a knife and machete. There were also several animal teeth, a jawbone and a makeshift shrine.

Several notes were also found scrawled on scrap paper, each of them with messages for various voodoo deities.

Police said one of them read: "Make the entire pit bull investigation go away."

One photo shows Brendan Evans, 31, standing beside a blue suitcase, believed to be the same suitcase the pit bull named Ollie was found in. Hollywood police said DNA also linked Evans to the suitcase. 

Another photo shows a dog, believed to be Ollie, in a crate. 

Ollie was found in October after he was stuffed inside a suitcase behind Evans' home in the 1900 block of Lee Street, detectives said.

Authorities said Ollie had severe lacerations to the top of his head and body and it was later determined that the dog had been stabbed and beaten.

Ollie died Oct. 12 at the VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital, just two days after he was found.

Evans is being held at the Joseph V. Conte Facility.

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