Miami-Dade Police Department rolls out electronic tickets to traffic violators

1,600 police units now equipped to print out e-tickets

DORAL, Fla. – There's a new way to get a ticket here in Miami-Dade County, as the police department is going high-tech with new electronic citations.

"I can get the stop done, get back on the road (and) go fight crime," Miami-Dade police Sgt. George Wilhelm said. 

Authorities said the time spent waiting to get that dreaded ticket will be considerably reduced.

"When you run the license of the vehicle that you have stopped or the driver's license of the offender, it automatically puts the information into the program for you," Wilhelm said. 

The e-citation is the Miami-Dade Police Department's new and improved and more efficient way of passing out tickets. 

"We're reducing the amount of errors, rejections, or tickets going to court, and they're being dismissed because there was an error on it by the officer," Wilhelm said. "We would write a ticket, say, today by tonight. We would enter it into a data sheet tomorrow morning. It would then be transported by one of our officers down to the courthouse and dropped off.  Therefore, it has to be manually entered by the clerk of courts.

"It also makes it easier for the violator to read their citation, because now it's printed. It's clear. It's legible."

The system went live Monday across the county with 1,600 police units that now have the capability to print e-tickets.

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