Alligator battles python on Florida golf course

(Taswwar Ali)

NAPLES, Fla. – Florida golf courses are known to be some of the most difficult in the U.S., but the most dangerous?

A group playing at the Golf Club at Fiddler's Creek in Naples on Friday ran into an interesting hazard on the 10th hole.

A serious hazard.

An alligator and Burmese python were locked in battle while golfers played nearby. While the snake was twisted around the gator, the python's tail was sitting right in the alligator's mouth.


Although surprised, Richard Nadler and his friends decided to play through as the two creatures from the animal kingdom seemed more interested in themselves and not birdies or eagles.

Nadler said he never expected the response the photos would get on social media.

"I mean alligators are an everyday thing. Having them fight for their life and so on is a bigger thing, but the comments that I read, it was very interesting," Nadler told local station WFTS. 

The big question on everyone's mind was: Who won? WFTS reached out to the golf course, but Fiddlers Creek management declined to comment.

Gator on the 10th green at Fiddler’s. It’s like a zoo here!!!! Looks like he got one of those big pythons.

Posted by Carolyn A Maxim on Saturday, January 13, 2018