Man killed after being sucked into MRI machine

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MUMBAI – A man died after being sucked into an MRI machine that was left on when it should have been off.

Rajesh Maru, 32, was visiting a family member at a Mumbai hospital on Saturday when he walked into the MRI room holding a metal cylinder.

No metal objects are ever allowed inside an MRI room, but a hospital employee reportedly told Maru the machine was turned off and that it was safe to enter.

NDTV reports the metal cylinder activated the machine's magnetic field and pulled Maru inside. Maru's hand was stuck inside the machine and started an oxygen leak.

Maru was pulled out off the machine and was taken to the hospital's emergency room, but died 10 minutes later.

Maru's family claim negligence led to his death. The employee who allowed Maru to enter the MRI room and a doctor have been arrested.