5 things we learned during today's MLS in Miami announcement

From Beckham's dreams to the future of automobiles, it was all covered

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MIAMI – Today was the day soccer fans in Miami have been waiting for since the twinkle in David Beckham's eye revealed a plan to bring the MLS back to South Florida almost four years ago.

And after all the pomp and circumstance of Monday's press conference, when the franchise was officially awarded to Beckham's ownership group, what did we really learn?

Here are the FIVE things we can take from the announcement in regards to Major League Soccer's return to Miami.

1. NO NAME, NO COLORS, NO KITS - When it comes to having something tangible to support, fans are still left waiting as the group did not announce a team name, colors or kits (jerseys to us uneducated soccer neophytes). Ownership did say fans will have a voice in determining the name and colors, although it was not announced how that would be accomplished.

MLS IN MIAMI - Don't screw this soccer thing up again, Miami

2. PLAY WILL BEGIN IN 2020 - MLS Miami co-owner Marcelo Claure told Local 10's Will Manso that the team will begin play in the 2020 season, most likely at a temporary stadium. The team hopes to play its first season in a new stadium in Overtown in 2021.

3. MAS FAMILY MEANS BUSINESS - Sadly, it's too late for baseball and the Marlins to do anything, but it is pretty clear that the addition of Jorge and José Mas gave the ownership group the push it needed. Jorge Mas, who was considered to be the most stable of prospective bidders looking to buy the Marlins, said he interested in the MLS bid after losing out to Derek Jeter. Wonder if Major League Baseball officials are wishing things had gone a bit differently.

4. FLYING CARS ARE COMING - Whenever the new Overtown stadium is built, the one thing majorly lacking will be parking... as in, there will be practically no spaces available. But don't worry says Claure, fans just need to "think progressively." He says in 5-10 years, parking won't matter and that driverless cars are in our future. Let's hope George Jetson is a season-ticket holder.

5. BECKHAM STILL HAS DREAMS - So after years of being the quite-handsome face of world soccer with multiple Premier League titles and a Champions League trophy under his arm, and after being married to one of the planet's most glamorous women, David Beckham still... amazingly... had a dream, and that was to own an MLS franchise. Not sure it's up to par with his other achievements, but Becks says Miami made his dream come true today.

“People say wherever you are, wherever you come from in the world, this is a city that’s built on dreams. Today you made my dream come true,”