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Elite Booting Inc. employee accused of attacking man in Miami

Victim had removed booted tire, police say

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MIAMI – An employee of Elite Booting Inc. was arrested Monday after he attacked a man who had removed a booted tire from his vehicle, authorities said.

According to an arrest report, the victim and his girlfriend drove to La Sandwichevie at 10 SW 8th St. Monday with the intentions of eating there, but left because the bathroom was dirty.

Police said the victim returned to his vehicle to find his Mazda CX-5 had been booted and stickered.

The victim removed the booted wheel and tire from his vehicle and installed the spare tire, authorities said.

Police said the victim was driving away when Dayan Patterson Milanes, 23, drove up in his Ford Ranger and blocked the victim from leaving the parking lot.

Milanes then got out of his truck and pulled the victim out of his car, the arrest report stated.

According to the report, Milanes demanded that the victim return the boot.

The victim told officers that he opened his rear hatch and Milanes pushed him out of the way, grabbing the victim's rim and tire before throwing them in the parking lot.

Police said the victim pushed Milanes away in self-defense.

Police officers responded to the parking lot and said the owner of Elite Booting, Seth Thomas Vela, had surveillance video that corroborated the victim's statements.

Police said Vela refused to show officers the entire video, saying "No, it might incriminate my driver."

The security guard at the parking lot confirmed most of the the victim's statements, but denied seeing Milanes pull the victim from his vehicle, authorities said.

The victim's girlfriend was also interviewed and confirmed the victim's account, the arrest report stated.

Milanes was arrested on charges of battery and burglary with assault or battery. 


About the Author:

Amanda Batchelor is the managing editor for Local10.com.