Karma strikes after woman steals packages from outside home


LYNNWOOD, Wash. – If you never believed in the reality of karma, consider this video proof there is indeed a force that evens things out in the end.

A home security camera caught the greatest karma incident of all time after a woman suffers a leg injury after attempting to steal packages from a Seattle-area home.

In the video, a car can be seen pulling up to the house just minutes after a UPS driver delivers packages to the front door and drives away.

A woman gets out of the car and hurriedly makes her way to the house to swipe the packages left behind. But in her haste to make a quick getaway, the woman slips on the wet grass and injures her leg or ankle.

After the woman suffers in pain for a few minutes, the getaway driver comes to her aid and carries her back to the car.... awkwardly. Very awkwardly.

But because they're up to no good, the driver returns to the house and retrieves the packages to complete the crime.

KCPQ reports the homeowner, Lizbeth Ababneh, had a laugh at the moronic duo, but is concerned because the package contained her husband's medication.

Local law enforcement officials have opened an investigation into crime.