Weston student kicked off college soccer team for racial slur

Freshman Natalia Martinez withdrew from Georgia State after remark


WESTON, Fla. – A Weston student has withdrawn from college after she was kicked off the school's soccer team for making a racial slur on social media.

Georgia State University suspended freshmen Natalia Martinez, 18, from the team days after she used one of her Instagram accounts to make the slur. Martinez withdrew from school the same day the suspension was announced on Jan. 22.

Martinez, a graduate of Cypress Bay High School in Weston, apologized for the remarks in an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“The truth is, I could give you excuses ... but what you need to know is what’s in my heart,” said Martinez.

Martinez says she used the word to tell friends that she had passed an exam. She said the message was later taken out of context.

Martinez's mother, Daniela, said she was upset with her daughter for writing the word but told the newspaper that young people use the term as a new form of slang.