Inept burglar hits partner-in-crime in face with brick

SHANGHAI – Two of the worst crooks in history have gone viral after surveillance video shows one accidentally knocking out the other after smashing him with a brick.

The would-be burglars were attempting to break into a Shanghai warehouse on Valentine's Day and chose to use a brick to break the glass door to get inside.

When the first thief fails with a throw, he walks right in front of his partner-in-crime as he was about to give it a try.

The brick nails him in the head, knocking him flat to the ground. In a respectable "No Dummy Left Behind" move, horrible crook #2 drags away his unconscious horrible crook #1.

The bumbling burglars were never caught, although it wouldn't be too hard to identify one of them. He's the one with the giant bump on his head.